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Magnetic Flyscreen Windows

magnetic flyscreen window kits detail

What are they? A simple magnetic window insect screen covering that completely cover the area to stop flies, spiders, mosquitoes etc.

Sizes and Colours? White in 75 x 75cm (with off white corners), 80 x 80cm, 100 x 120cm, 150 x 150 cm,  200cm x 150cm and 130 x 160cm(with grey material and differently designed corners but can be cut to fit smaller windows. The frame is 14mm wide and the magnet 10mm wide. If you have a very unusual size then by all means get in touch if you need advice.

Easy to Fit? Yes. Make up a plastic frame to size with supplied corners, place material over it, clip in place with magnetic lengths, cut excess flyscreen material off, peel off backing on the adhesive magnets and apply to the window frame. For your information the frame is 14mm wide, 4mm thick and the widest part is the corner at 6mm thick. The adhesive magnet on the window frame is 2mm. In total the frame will be 8mm thick: so that is the clearance if you have blinds. See Instructions

Easy to Use? Windows can be closed easily after attaching the screen, simply pull the flyscreen frame gently away from the magnet on the window frame and either open the window or pull it shut.

What you Get: White fibreglass flyscreen material. 4 pieces of plastic frame, 4 corners, 4 pieces of magnetic strip, 4 pieces of adhesive magnetic strip. (with the largest frame you get two 1m frame, plus a joining piece and also when you are covering an area of up to 2m long and over 1.2m wide then you will get two pieces of flyscreen material which will overlap, but they will be flush and very tight, see picture below)

magnetic window flyscreen parts magnet corners material
Large adjustable flyscreen kit joining piece

Suitable for? Domestic and light commercial environments.

Want to make extra windows out of one kit? Do your calculations and buy a set of off-white corners, the design may not be identical to the existing corners pictured below for £6.99. We also have extra magnetic and adhensive tape, plus 4 addition 48 cm pieces of frame for £9.99.

Magnetic Fly Screen psrtd, corners magnetic and plastic profile

White 75 x 75 cm (29.5 x 29.5 inches) Magnetic Frame £25.99 Free Postage

White 80 x 80cm (31.5 x 31.5 inches) Magnetic Frame £28.99 Free Postage

White 100 x 120 cm (39.5 x 47.0 inches) Magnetic Frame £31.99 Free Postage

White 150 x 150 cm (59 x 59 inches) Magnetic Frame £37.99 Free Postage

Grey 130 x 160 cm (51 x 63 inches) Magnetic Frame £37.99 Free Postage

White 200 x 150 cm (78.5 x 59 inches) Magnetic Frame £46.99 Free Postage

Set of Four Corners £6.99 (off white) Free Postage

Set of two profile joining pieces £2.99 Free Postage

Set of Four Pieces of frame 48 cm with 2m magnet and self adhesive tape £9.99 Free Postage

Set of Eight Pieces of frame 4 x 48 cm and 4 x 25cm with 2.8m magnet and self adhesive tape £11.99 Free Postage

Magnet for holding flyscreen windows in place 4m

4M of magnet flat (self adhesive) and grooved magnet £19.99 Free Postage