Simple Window Kits

What are they? Simple window insect screen coverings that completely cover the area to stop flies, spiders, mosquitoes etc.

Sizes and Colours? White 130 x 150cm and 220 x 65cm and Charcoal 220 x 65cm. And there is a 130 x 150 cm in stretch material.


Easy to Fit? Yes. If you can use a tape measure, scissors and peel off adhesive backing then you will be able to bug proof your home. 1. Stick adhesive hook tape to window frame. 2. Cut screen material to fit. 3. Open window. 4. Apply screen material to the supplied hook tape. 

Easy to Use? Windows can be closed easily after attaching the screen, simply pull the net gently away from the hook tape and pull the window shut. 


What you Get: Polyester material and Hook Tape. The hook tape strip is 5mm wide and is supplied in 5.6 metres/6.5m with the 180cm size and remains secure, even in the sun. Material: polyester which can be washed at up to 30c. 

Suitable for? Domestic environments, for commercial either Windows Plus, frames or roller windows.

How are they Posted?: These products are sent courier and take 3 to 5 working days. If you want faster delivery use the extra payment options below.

White 130 x 150 cm (51 x 59 inches) brand new unboxed £4.99 Free Postage inclusive of VAT Just three left, call us to buy on 01760 441423

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White 130 x 150 cm (51 x 59 inches) £6.50 Free Postage inclusive of VAT 

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Charcoal 220 x 65 cm (78.5 x 25.5 inches) £4.99 Free Postage inclusive of VAT

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White 220 x 65 cm (78.5 x 25.5 inches) £6.50 Free Postage inclusive of VAT

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Stretchable Material If you have a protruding window sill, or a window stay then this stretchy material makes it easy to get a tight, bug free fit. The material is white and it comes with 5.6m of hook tape. 

130 x 150cm Stretchable White Kit £15.99 including postage and VAT

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Need some extra Hook Tape? If you have fly screen material left over and need some more white tape we can supply that in 10mm width and 6.5m long. 

Hook tape 6.5 x 1cm £3.50 Free Postage inclusive of VAT

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LARGE ORDERS Buyers in Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Scottish Highlands and Islands, may be charged more. Eire will be more.  See Postcode listing on the Delivery Information Page but if in doubt and if you live in any of these areas, Europe or the Rest of the World please contact us for a delivery quote. 

Special Delivery • Extra Payment Options

If you want guaranteed next working day (Tues-Fri) delivery on all items please click the drop down menu and pay £10.  You must however, place your order before 12 noon the day before you want the item. No Saturday Delivery unless you contact us first. 


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