Flyscreen Magnetic Patio or French Flyscreen Door

What is it? This is our magnetic flyscreen and insect screen patio door.  Simply walk through either doorway and the magnets immediately and silently join together to keep flies, wasps and other insects out.  

Sizes and Colours? Available in White and in several sizes 120 x 215cm, plus an adjustable screen up to 200 x 210cm, but it can easily be adjusted for smaller doorways. Also limited quantities in charcoal 130 x 210cm  Premium 120 x 215  has higher quality material. Need a much larger size? Then the adjustable will fit from 120-200cm wide.


Easy to Fit?  Clamp the screen into the top rod if supplied and screw into the top of the doorway, or fix with supplied hook and loop tape. The edges of the screen can also be secured with the supplied self-adhesive hook and loop tape on door frames.

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Magnetic Tips

Easy to Use? Yes you simply walk through the doorway and the magnets mean that it automatically shuts behind you.

flyscreen charcoal door

What you Get: One screen, self adhesive hook and loop tape. 

Top Rod. (Optional) Secure your screen with a flat top rod which you can screw or hook and loop tape above the doorway. There is a dowel at the back that traps the material. Ideal if you need to shorten the height of your screen. Also more secure if there are boisterous pets or children. The Rod is 4cm wide and 1cm deep.


Suitable for? Domestic applications. Brilliant with kids who have no concept of shutting any sort of door behind them. Also great for pets too who don’t have to worry about handles and locks either. Great for internal doors but we would not recommend that it is fitted to external door frames unless firmly secured with battens. Please note that the self adhesive hook and loop tape may not work as effectively in very hot conditions or countries. Premium 120 x 215  has higher quality material.

How are they Posted?: These are sent by a tracked courier service and take 3 to 5 working days. If you want next working day delivery please click on the button below. 

Buyers in Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Scottish Highlands and Islands, there will be an extra charge when supplied with the top rod. Eire will be more.  See Postcode listing on the Delivery Information Page but if in doubt and if you live in any of these areas, Europe or the Rest of the World please contact us for a delivery quote.

Flyscreen Self Closing Magnetic Patio Door White 120 x 215cm £17.99 free post inc VAT

Flyscreen Self Closing Magnetic Patio Door White 120 x 215cm with top rod £23.99 free postage inc VAT

Flyscreen Self Closing Magnetic Patio Door Charcoal 130 x 215cm £24.99 free postage inc VAT

Flyscreen Self Closing Magnetic Patio Door Charcoal 130 x 215cm with top rod £29.99 free postage inc VAT

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